An Efficient Steganography for Data Hiding Using DWT and IWT

  • Malathi.M et al.


In the current world, the Internet works as a significant part for sharing and transmission of
information. While sharing the information there is a chance of corruption or loss of information due
to an unwanted person. Encryption is the process to provide security, which alters valuable secret
information into unreadable and meaningless. The author proposes a technique is named as
“steganography”, in which greater security of information is achieved by hiding data on the other
transmission medium. In this research stenographic method is used based on biometrics, which uses
the feature of biometric to develop steganography in skin regions of pictures. The confidential data
hiding can be done in the skin regions of images. HSV colour space helps to extract the skin regions
of an image. To avoid noise during transmission it is compulsory to know the spatial transformation.
It can be obtained by Discrete wavelet Transform (DWT) and Integer Wavelet Transform (IWT). The
developed method provides acceptable image quality. This existing technique uses DWT; it may
cause error due to floating point co-efficient. It also reduces the speed. The research work uses the
adaptive data hiding technique with Optimum Pixel Adjustment Algorithm (OPA). It stores the data
into integer wavelet co-efficients, consequently it improves the speed and information security.