Secured and Unique Online Voting System

  • Eric Clapten J et al.


This system can be used to vote for perspective leaders .The project has two levels they are
registration and authentication .The registration block contains checking the personal data from the
database and use the facial recognition to take photo whether the voting person is valid or invalid .The
authentication contains checking the security of voting. The project explains ,the API was send to all the
phone numbers that API contains are you wish to online voting and the next page contains facial
recognition that can be used to verify the voters .Next the API was opened and the candidate list will be
shown .The candidate list can be consist of candidate name and symbol of the party .They can be stored
in the cloud at that time the voter receives the message they can be voted .The result can be stored in
cloud and the result can be transferred to the raspberry pi and the result can be shown in display