Artificial Intelligence & Biased Decisions - IS AI safe for the Mankind?

  • Dr. Rinku Sharma Dixit, Prof. Shailee L. Choudhary


Artificial Intelligence has recently become the buzzword in all disciplines. People are imagining, and to some extent have been able, to make their lives and surroundings comfortable with the use of Artificially Intelligent gadgets and technologies. AI is part of almost everything we do and we feel glad about it. Our dependency on AI is increasing and without our realization, we are becoming used to its usage and expect more with every passing day. And to our surprise, what we expect today from AI becomes a reality tomorrow. But is this dependency safe? Is it ethical? Are we safe in this digital world, where everything about us is known to people we are unaware of. Our personalities, our behavior, our reactions, our choices are all predictable and at times our reactions are guided or influenced. The impact of Social Media and these AI technologies is impacting not only our decisions but also our health. With this increased dependency and influence of AI on our decisions, there is also a need to check whether all decisions taken by AI are correct and can be corroborated with sound and logical evidences. Therefore checking and controlling Ethical Challenges that may arise as we work with Artificial Intelligence solutions is a necessity so as to enable better control of their design implications on the people and the society at large. Ethics has been considered as a firm and inflexible thinking style of designers and technologists, but it must be considered as a means of innovation so that the designed ethical systems benefit businesses and society over years to come.