Performance of M/M/1 and M/D/1 Queuing Models on Data Centers with Cloud Computing Technology Using MATLAB

  • N. Thirupathi Rao
  • Pilla Srinivas
  • K. Sudha
  • Debnath Bhattacharyya
  • Tai-Hoon Kim


Cloud computing was the technology developed to store the info and support the users with the access to the info hold on by charging a token quantity for the storage of information and for providing necessary steps for storing the info and fro providing security to the info that was hold on. The content hold on in varied servers at varied locations supported the sort and size of the content. The content may be accessed to the users with valid registrations and a group of security verifications entered by the purchasers. The content that was hosted within the servers can even be used for hosting varied applications and varied alternative set of choices of systems in varied fields. It’s one among the foremost illustrious and principally used analysis areas within the recent years for additional development in varied set of applications and its usages associated with many set of shoppers within the real time setting. Performance analysis in cloud computing has been another major thrust space within the recent past, that is of crucial interest for each cloud suppliers and cloud customers. Solely few notable works are revealed with regards to performance analysis in cloud computing. Typically analytical models established for assessing the operating and therefore the performance of cloud server farms may be studied beneath kind of configurations and assumptions are supported queuing theory and its accuracy is verified with numerical calculations and simulations. The issues at hand create to the task of evaluating the performance of information center with varied queuing models to grasp the distribution of the performance parameters with arrival and repair rates, traffic intensity, range of servers and therefore the associated possibilities. The goals of this thesis is to supply a framework through programs associated with queuing models and value the performance parameters, try validation, sensitivity analysis and build comparisons for information centers. Gift thesis evaluates the performance parameters of cloud information centers supported queuing theory for each single server and multi-server models. The steady state performance parameter formulations known are programmed in MATLAB® setting. The models considered for evaluation for single servers include M/M/1, M/G/1, M/D/1. Service rates have a wider range of distributions including exponential, generalize and Erlang type.