Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS and GSM

  • Meenu D Nair, Gowsalya S, Velmurugan.R, Udaya Kumar D, Vignesh D


Individuals do not have time to take a spot in transportation. Waiting time for transit in such crowded cities ends up on the whole with less efficiency. Individuals encounter this drawback in their way of life anywhere they don't need a plan regarding their travel status. That the predicted solution is an automaton-based program often can it simpler for the user to determine the location of the bus and also make it easier for the user to understand the amount of time that the bus wishes to hit the user's location. The program can use IoT because the framework for the equipment and the simple automaton device design with the updated information to provide the customer with knowledge about the time period, thus improving the user experience. This chase is also used for Accident Detection Warning Systems, Soldier Chase Program and many others, by making certain improvements in computer code and hardware. It is commonly used in buses from Cabs / Taxi, School / College, etc.