Robotic Guidance for Sight Challenged People to Shop using Optical Character Recognition and Smart Grid Technology

  • Mrs R.Poorni, T.Aarthi, R.Arthi


Vision loss is one among the main obstacle within the lives of visually impaired that forestall them to perform task on their own and self-reliantly. Sight loss might cause individuals difficulties with traditional daily activities like driving, reading, socialisation, walking and searching. The prevailing system accommodates varied searching help for visually impaired like speech primarily based, navigation, sign languages, sensible store assists, product recognition, mobile helpful technology etc., they’re a touch time overwhelming and needs manual help. In most of the prevailing system navigate to the correct aisles to find the shelf and agitate settled or discontinued product could be a discouraging task. They generally trust Volunteers and store staff. This reduces the non-public independence of the visually impaired. The target of latest system is style a wise searching robot trolley accessible by visually impaired individuals. The new system identifies many style necessities and analyse existing approaches to ascertain however well they meet them. The target is to shed some lightweight on attainable analysis and development direction for the accessible blind searching community and to supply designers of accessible searching solutions analysis tools which will be used as initial points of comparison.