Web Mining Based Anti-Money Laundering System

  • Dr. S. Sobitha Ahila, A. Helen, Mrs. V. S. Vidhyalakshmi, Mrs. A. Geetha


Cash concealing is a lawbreaker movement where unaccountable cash is converted into white cash. Cash laundering where an unauthorized asset is changed to true legal assets, resources. It prompts different criminal exercises like budgetary fakes, drug trafficking, terrorist financing and so on. In our country, there are no fruitful anti-money laundering methods which are accessible. There is no reliable system to confirm if the exchange is really suspicious or not. This procedure is tedious and not reasonable to recognize the unlawful exchanges that happen in the framework. To overcome this issue Web mining based anti-money laundering system recognizes vast no of transactions by dividing into meaningful groups and improving the performance in terms of time by use of community detection algorithm where agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm is used to convert the entire transaction into communities.