Design of Novel Robust Adaptive Controller for Mitigating Power Quality Issues with UPQC

  • Narkedamilli Sirisha et al.


A_0 new_0 topology_0 of_0 Unified_0 Power_0 Quality_0 Conditioner(UPQC)_0 with_0 two_0 series_0 converters_0 and_0 one_0 shunt_0 converter_0 which_0 can_0 compensate_0 both_0 voltage_0 and_0 current_0 fluctuations_0 in_0 multi_0 feeder_0 system_0 is_0 proposed_0 and_0 simulated._0 The_0 proposed_0 topology_0 is_0 capable_0 of_0 compensating_0 any_0 fluctuations_0 in_0 supply_0 voltage_0 and_0 current_0 between_0 inter_0 line_0 connections._0 In_0 this_0 configuration_0 all_0 the_0 converters_0 share_0 a_0 common_0 DC_0 link_0 on_0 the_0 DC_0 side._0 An_0 effective_0 mechanism_0 based_0 on_0 Massachusetts_0 Institute_0 of_0 Technology_0 (MIT)_0 rule_0 called_0 Model_0 Reference_0 Adaptive_0 Controller_0 (MRAC)_0 is_0 also_0 proposed_0 for_0 controlling_0 the_0 converters_0 when_0 subjected_0 to_0 large_0 and_0 sudden_0 disturbances_0 where_0 the_0 conventional_0 feedback_0 controller’s_0 does_0 not_0 perform_0 well._0 In_0 this_0 rule,_0 a_0 reference_0 model_0 of_0 the_0 system_0 is_0 derived_0 and_0 a_0 relevant_0 cost_0 function_0 is_0 defined._0 The_0 error_0 between_0 the_0 outputs_0 of_0 the_0 plant_0 and_0 the_0 reference_0 model_0 function_0 is_0 considered,_0 and_0 controller_0 parameters_0 are_0 adjusted_0 in_0 view_0 of_0 minimizing_0 the_0 cost_0 function._0 The_0 performance_0 of_0 the_0 multi_0 converter_0 UPQC_0 with_0 the_0 proposed_0 controller_0 during_0 sag,_0 swell_0 and_0 network_0 faults_0 is_0 are_0 simulated_0 and_0 results_0 are_0 analysed._0 The_0 results_0 show_0 that_0 the_0 MRAC_0 controller_0 shows_0 fast_0 response_0 for_0 wide_0 range_0 of_0 changing_0 system_0 dynamics.