Design and Implementation of 2-Ray Modelling for MIMO Outdoor Scenario Using Wireless InSite software

  • Mohammed M. Abdulwahid


In order to manage communications in an outdoor setting, this research proposes a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna array with three transmitter device orientations and a 2-Ray Model. These would be referred to as the (Horizontal, Vertical and Planar). The line-of-sight (LoS) rays and the ground-based reflected rays between the Tx and Rx have both been taken into account by the suggested 2-Ray model. Utilizing the most popular software for a route propagation-based ray tracing technique, the inquiry was conducted (Wireless InSite software). For our study, several parameters and various Txheights have been taken into consideration along with outcomes analysis. The three situations' respective affects came from the effects of various antenna polarizations, directivities, and diversity methods.