Real Time Monitoring and Control of Neonatal Incubator using IOT

  • Rasha M. Abd El-Aziz, Ahmed I. Taloba


The care of new born babies are the most important and sensitive part of bio-medical domain. Some new born babies have a higher risk of mortality due to their gestational age or their birth weight. Most of the premature babies born on 32-37 weeks of gestation and are deceased due to their unmet need for warmth. The neonatal incubator is a device used to nourish the premature babies by providing a controlled and closed environment. This incubator provides the babies with optimum temperature, relative humidity, optimum light and appropriate level of oxygen which are same as that in the womb. But babies in the incubators have a risk of losing those babies lives due to the improper monitoring of the it which causes accidents like gas leakage and short circuits due to overheating which leads to bursting of incubators. Thus, the objective of this paper is to overcome the drawbacks of an unmonitored incubator and develops an affordable and safe device for real-time monitoring of the neonatal incubator. a low cost yet effective apparatus for monitoring the important parameters like pulse rate, temperature, humidity, gas and light of the premature baby inside an incubator. The sensed data are passed to the doctors or nurses wirelessly by the Arduino UNO via Internet of Things (IoT) so as to take necessary actions at times to maintain an appropriate environment for the safety of the lives of premature babies.