Evaluating The Performance Of Biaxial Geogrid Reinforced Concrete Slab Compared To Steel

  • Mr. Mohan Maheshwari, Mr.Manish Kumar


Geogrid, a geosynthetic material, is being utilized to strengthen soils and other comparable materials in the construction industry. Geogrid is a type of reinforcement material that is widely used for subsoil’s under roadways and reinforced retaining walls. When compared to soil, it has a far greater ability to bear strain. Because of this, it is possible to distribute the pressures across a wider area of soil than would otherwise be possible. An exploratory comparative study through using multiple kinds, tensile strengths, and layering’s of geological reinforcement as reinforcing fillers to steel bars in comparison to a conventional steel-reinforced concrete control slab is conducted in this paper with the goal of innovating a hybrid reinforcement system for concrete slabs, comprised of geogrids and steel bars. When these concrete slabs broke owing to bending, they were subjected to four-point loading until they were replaced by new ones. In addition, strain gauges were mounted to the bottom reinforcement of the concrete slab (geogrids and steel bars) in order to conduct a detailed investigation of the performance of geogrids and steel bars as a hybrid reinforcement system.