“Impact of COVID -19 on Higher Education in India”

  • Prof.Dr Geetali Tilak


The world is fighting COVID-19 and economies across the world have declared a lockdown. Work from home (WFH) has become the standard, particularly for service organizations. The spread of pandemic Covid-19 has severely interrupted every aspects of human life including education. It’s created an unprecedented test on education. In many educational institutions round the world, campuses are closed and teaching learning process has moved online. Internationalization has bogged down significantly. In India, about 32 crore learners stopped to maneuver schools/colleges and every one educational activities delivered to an end. Despite of all these challenges, the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have reacted positively and managed to make sure the continuity of teaching –learning process, research and repair to the society with some tools and techniques during the pandemic. This research paper highlights on major impacts of Covid-19 on HEIs in India. Some measures taken by HEIs and academic authorities of India to supply seamless educational services during the crisis are argued. Because of Covid-19 pandemic, many new modes of learning, new perspectives, new trends are emerged and therefore the same may continue as we work ahead to a replacement tomorrow. So, a number of the post Covid -19 trends which can allow imagining new ways of teaching learning process of higher education in India are outlined.