A study of online learning in Covid 19 Pandemic –Advantages and disadvantages a student’s perceptive .

  • Asst.Prof.Pournima K.Jangle


The COVID-19 pandemic has coerced universities around the world to close campuses indefinitely and shifted their teaching  activities to online platforms for students safe and help control the spread of virus. .    As a result, edification has transmuted dramatically, with the distinctive ascension of e-learning, whereby edifying is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. In Covid 19 pandemic situation all schools and colleges were closed. Lots of peoples are still facing many problems like unemployment, reduction of  production, loss in business and many more.  In this situation to avoid the academic loss of student and the considering the student saltiness the ministry of Government allowed to adopt  E Learning. There  are so many advantages and disadvantages of online classes .In this paper we are going to discuss the  challenges facing by students and opportunities while attending online classes in Covid 19 pandemic situation.