Effect On Student's Mental Health Due To Physical Inactivity During Coronavirus Pandemic: Systematic Review

  • Dr. Apoorva Dighe (PT) , Dr.Deepali Rathod (PT), Dr. Shweta Satish Devare Phadke, Dr. Pranati Tilak


The outbreak of COVID-19 is having severely affected mental health worldwide. Many countries are under lockdown, the economy has halted, and everyone is afraid of its consequences. The entire life of the population has been changed due to sudden lockdown. Isolation has greatly affected individual lives by greater reduction in Physical activity, which in turn increased the chance of infection. It also reduced the immunity and negatively affected the mental health. The aim of this systematic review was to explore the effect on mental health of students due to physical inactivity in coronavirus pandemic. Literature search was conducted through electronic databases that included Pub Med, Google Scholar, Science direct and ERIC for studies performed from year December 2019 to September 2020. Students, Inactivity, Anxiety, COVID 19 and depression, used as keywords Total 187 articles were identified through database search, out of which 171 were removed due to duplication or exclusion. Articles that evaluated apart from anxiety, stress and depression were considered as exclusion. Out of 187 studies, 16 articles fitting in the inclusion criteria were selected for this systematic review. Literature was search from year 2019 referring to subject of interest up to 2020.The review concluded strong evidence for Stress, Anxiety and depression in students during COVID 19 Pandemic having decrease in Physical Activity.