Expanding Role of Professional Ethics in Legal Education

  • Asst. Prof. Seema Ajay Patil


 Ethics are the set of moral principles, which governed the personal values and moral qualities of individual and also help in regularisation of professional conduct. Educational institutions play important role in imparting ethical knowledge to students. Advocacy is part legal education, it is profession not business, which work for social welfare by providing legal education, legal help to general people, at the same time it helps for smooth working of judicial system. Thus it is duty of all legal Education system i.e. Universities, Law Schools, Law Colleges, Legal Institutes to create such legal professionals which use their legal knowledge for the betterment of whole society and smooth functioning of judicial system. To achieve these all purposes professional ethics in legal education plays very important role. However, it observed in resent time that the standard of legal profession is declining and it also lose the trust and confidence of the public. The attitude of public towards advocates is suspicious and not good. Thus, need to emphasis on the role of professional ethics study and deeper understanding of professional ethics course in educational system is very necessary. Also need to increase the academic standard of legal academia. In present paper author address the importance of professional Ethics in legal Education. It is important that legal practitioners conduct themselves with integrity, provide proper assistance to the court, and promote public confidence in the legal system, also in carrying out their duties, they are required and expected to deal with other members of the legal profession with courtesy and integrity. Advocates, apart from being professionals, are also officers of the court and play a vital role in the administration of justice. Thus for promoting all these professional activities in legal profession, it is highly required that, all Legal education system must expand the role of professional ethics in legal education system.