Promoting experiential learning method to improve academic performance

  • Asst. Prof. Sapana Niraj Jaiswal


 There are many theoretical studies showing how activity-based practices and methodologies improve students’ level of performance. One of such method is experiential learning which means learning through action and experiences. Today also traditional method of teaching is used in schools and colleges, which has some merits and demerits. But today’s world is dynamic and high technology based, where if anyone wants to survive, he must be competent in all areas. Experiential learning method encourages different activities and help students to reflect, develop knowledge and apply what they learn to a new situation in their daily life. Researcher here has tried to find out the meaning of experiential learning and how this method helps students to improve their academic performance and for that purpose researcher has compared the traditional method of teaching with modern method of teaching. To reach up to the goal of this research, researcher has adopted doctrinal or secondary method to collect the information, and data is collected after the review of various journals, websites and e- data on internet.