Importance of Clinical legal Education in Law studies

  • Asst.Prof. Varsha Badwe , Asst.Prof. Sonali Sharma


“Legal Education” refers to the education of Advocacy prior to the actual commencement of Law profession. The Legal education not only produces a law professional but also provide a mechanism to safeguard the society and its welfare. Legal education rules are the statutory mandates issued to every law institute and non-compliance of the same, eventually leads to cancellation of BCI approval. Legal education consists of Clinical legal education, is a clinical mode to groom the Law students with the application of codified laws in the society by way of some demo and some actual experiences. Most of the law colleges are effectively following the guidelines of CLE given by Bar council of India and conducting the various indoor and outdoor activities under this for the development of advocacy skill of students and their multi-dimensional growth as well. The present paper attempts to highlights the experiences and views of various law faculties, about the implementation and role of Clinical legal education for the law students and its importance towards the future prospective.