A Survey of methods on Sentiment Analysis using different approaches

  • Reena G.Bhati


During the last years, textual documents have increased every day in social media. Social Media has become one of the foremost trades in the world. It has been recorded that almost three fourth of the world’s population use social media platform. As a result, numerous studies have been carried out on social media. This turns sentimental analysis of social media data in real time into a beneficial application for security purposes. For order up to July 2018, Twitter had 326 million active users sending more than 500 million tweets per day. Social media builds virtual connections between users, where persons shares their opinions & improving relationships through posts, likes, messages, & comments. Sentiment analysis allows categorising sentiments in text into groups like "positive" or "negative" or "neutral". It's also mentioned as subjectivity investigation, opinion mining, & appraisal extraction [25].