Experiential Learning - The New Horizon in Commerce Education at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth

  • Dr.S.R.Kandalgaonkar, Mrs. Bhagyashree Deshpande, Mrs. Jyoti Harchekar, Mrs. Sayli Bapat


Commerce education, also known as Business Education has travelled a more than 100 years journey, into five generations of India. Its an applied branch of knowledge having numerous applied examples in the trade and industrial world. However, this branch of knowledge has limitations in the world of academics. Much is expected in NAAC assessment and the New Education Policy (2019) about Experiential Learning. The researchers have been taking efforts in various ways like - Industrial Visits, Surveys, Models and Charts Competitions to name a few. A lot of academic initiative as well as administrative support is needed to make the real time practical exposure possible. In view of this, the Researchers have conducted this Research Work with the Secondary and Primary Data; alongwith their long experiences of various experiments in Experiential Commerce Education. A number of avenues have opened as an outcome of this Research Work.