Review of Effective Trust Management Systems in VANET Environments

  • Dr. Aniket Deshpande


This paper discusses the overall challenges due to important characteristics of VANET in trust management. The paper also provides a survey on the existing trust models in the VANET. MANET and multi agent systems by pointing out their key challenges. This paper suggested various desired characteristics towards efficient trust management system in the VANET environment in the view of setting clear goals in VANET research. The paper reviewed various information by considering the ephemeral nature of VANET that constrain its uses in practical application. The paper states that the problems regarding cascading and oversampling also has an adverse effect on the trust management in the VANET platform. This paper provides a significant importance on the zero trust, which is an emerging framework for enhancing the overall security of IoT. In specific zero trust security depicts more benefits for securing devices that could not run computationally expensive units. The state of art advancements in the vehicular communication only focused on the authentication of the smart mobility environment. In highly dynamic vehicular environments, ignorance of trustworthiness has a serious threat to VANET communications when malicious vehicle has been elected as the cluster head. Hence this paper recommends that prior importance and new methods must also be adopted to promote trustworthiness.