High Efficiency Wind – Solar Grid Connected Hybrid System Using ANFIS Technique

  • Dr. P. Selvam, G. Amutha


This paper describes the performance of an Adaptive Neuro - Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) based energy management system (EMS) of a grid-connected hybrid system for smart grid application. The hybrid system consists of wind turbine (WT) and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels as a primary energy sources. The rectified wind output and solar panel output is given to LUO converter for boost up the DC voltage in order to connect them to a central DC grid. Then, the power has taken from the DC grid and it is given to the AC smart grid system through H-bridge inverter. The smart grid system consists of a new bidirectional intelligent converter, high frequency ac-dc rectifier and low voltage dc-dc converter hybrid switching dc-ac converter. The smart grid system satisfied the load requirement and in case if the demand is low it will return the excess power to the grid also. On the whole, this proposed system utilizes the best use of solar and wind energy system so that the power can be generated at any time and satisfied the load demand.