Improved Security within Transactions in Cloud Using Excess 3 Encryption and Collision Handling Approach

  • Jasleen Kaur, Dinesh Kumar Garg


Financial transactions within crypto currency often suffer from security issues. To tackle the issue of security, block chaining mechanism generally accommodated with encryption mechanism. This paper presents a unique approach of encrypting the data within individual block along with the multiple tag support. The procedure followed in this paper first performs binary encryption of the data presented and then applies excess 3 code for the final encryption. This work largely removes the issues associated with bloom filter that was used to count the words accessed from the cloud storage. This mechanism although useful but cannot be used to handle multiple accounts held by a single user or multiple users. The block chaining approach with multiple tag support handle this issue corresponding to bloom filter. The result of block chaining with multiple tag support is presented in the form of encryption, decryption time and throughput. Encryption time and throughput improves through the suggested approach proving worth of study.