Enhanced Efficient Proportional Rate Control Algorithm for Congestion Control Mechanism

  • A. Renuka Devi, Dr. T. Anuradha


Traffic control and congestion management are the two critical issues in Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks (ATM). Congestion occurs when network traffic exceeds the capacity of the network. Congestion management's primary function is to guaranteebetter throughput and minimal delay efficiency while maintaining the resource allocation to the users in the network. First, the scheme proposed by the ATM forum based on Enhanced Proportional Rate with Congestion Avoidance (EPRCA) was considered in this paper. Improvements to the existing EPRCA scheme is proposed to address the problem of cell drop. Next, the results obtained for improved EPRCA schemes have been compared to the results of a simple EPRCA scheme.This paper describes congestion management procedures that make use of the improved EPRCA protocol. A full conventional EPRCA protocol is addressed, along with the simulation setting and simulation results. A comprehensive enhanced EPRCA protocol in two separate methods, including simulation environment and outcomes is addressed.