An Efficient RPA Web Articulation Point to the User Behavior

  • Salla Harini Yadav, Sudhakar Bathala, Suram Swetha Reddy


Most of the businesses in the world are turning to be global through making available their business to the customers, suppliers and other state holders through specially designed websites that implements both  E-Commerce and M-Commerce .The content  being  hosted on to the web site sometimes is quiet complex as it involves text, audio, video, and 2D/3D.The E-Commerce/M-Commerce related websites are designed considering different complex user interfaces. The WEB sites are designed using several URL redirectionsand also involves deep navigation into the WEB site. The users get frustrated   when they need to spend quite a bit of times in navigating through the websites in search of the content that they are looking for. There is a need for developing an interface that can provide right into home page the most important links that are most frequently visited by the users. The links are to be fetched based on the user behavior. Frequently visited WEB links which are selected based on the user profile who entered into WEB site when displayed right into the Home page makes the web surfing for information most effective. The utilization of the WEB sites will increase quite drastically when information needed is made available with ease.In this paper, two methods have been presented that allows the user to navigate through the WEB site to the desired content pages with ease and using the elemental level navigable links that show the content that is most frequently needed by the users.