Implementation of Designing Community Aware Ranking Algorithms for Expert Recommendation in Question Answer Forums

  • Shraddha A. Borkar, Dr. Sudhir W. Mohod, A. D. Gotmare


A huge growth in the number of online question answering (QA) systems has occurred as a result of the vast amount of information that is freely available on the World Wide Web. The community-based question answering (QA) systems are a subset of quality assurance systems that has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. Our system, described in this paper, is proactive enough to provide replies to inquiries while also providing word definitions, with the goal of eliminating the time lag that occurs as a result of askers needing to wait for answers to a query from a variety of users. The usefulness of the proposed technique is demonstrated by the evaluation results on the expected response from the computing-related datasets that were used in the evaluation.