A Novel Wearable Sensors Approach for IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System

  • Shital Sunil Sambre, Dr. A. N. Thakare, Prof. A. D. Gotmare


With the introduction of the new corona virus, every country now places a premium on healthcare. In this regard, an IoT-based health monitoring system is the greatest tool for dealing with such an epidemic. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new internet revolution that is a rising research area, particularly in health care. Remote health care monitoring has progressed at such a rapid rate as the usage of wearable sensors and smart phones has increased. IoT health monitoring aids in illness prevention as well as accurate diagnosis of health status, even when the doctor is a long distance away. This study shows a portable physiological checking framework that can constantly monitor the patient's heartbeat, temperature, and other fundamental room data. We presented a continuous monitoring and control instruments to screen the patient's status and save the patient's information on a server using Wi-Fi Module-based remote communication. A remote health monitoring system based on IoT is presented, in which authorised individuals can access data stored on any IoT platform, and ailments are diagnosed by doctors from a distance based on the values received.