IoT-Based Multi Sensors in Real-Time Applications for Big Data Analytics Platform

  • Syed Amjed Hussaini, Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav


As the amount of data collected in the production process is increased, monitoring systems become important factor in management decision-making. A solution can be considered for efficient control of production procedures by current technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) based sensors. Large-scale data management platforms focus mostly on elements of the volume. The increasing popularity of IoT-Applications on the Internet and the associated capacity to collect data from real and virtual sensors continuously emphasises the relevance of big data management's speed dimension. This study explores the critical need of distributed stream processing systems and advanced event processing systems in fulfilling the analytical requirements of IoT applications. We'll look at this in the context of a few real-world examples and characterise the trade-offs between latency processing and data volume capacities for modern big-data platforms.