A Study on Occupational Health Hazards of Brick Workers in Eral Block, Thoothukudi District

  • Dr.S.Henry Pandian, Dr.V.Duraisingh


The spurt in construction activities, especially houses, thanks to the easy availability of housing loans, there has been an ever increasing demand for the bricks.  Hence so many brick units have come up and hundreds of workers are engaged in brick making.  They are facing the some problems like any other brick workers in other parts of our Tamil Nadu. However the present study would be appropriate to take up the study of bricks workers and their problems in the region concerned and make the research work a worth while and a relevant one. The brick industry is considered a vital one in many respects. It provides major employment opportunities to poor people in Eral block of Thoothukudi district. In this research, the brick workers are not highly satisfied with their job but they are forced by their tradition and the financial condition of their family. The major problem of the brick workers is low income and they are also suggested they want the government to fix the minimum wages.