Design and Development of Patient Emotional States Analysis Using Face Expression Detection

  • Shivalee Gaikwad, Dr. Ramchand Hablani


Patients who are admitted for a lengthy period of time for any treatment may experience emotional depression, which requires attention. These types of shifts in emotional condition may go unnoticed during counseling because the patient may act normally during the conversation. It is impossible for doctors or nurses to keep a long-term eye on a patient's emotional behavior changes. Face identification has become one of the most in-demand applications in industry, thanks to advances in image processing and computer vision. These computer vision systems can then be improved to identify faces, detect facial expressions, and detect emotions. The suggested system is primarily intended to keep the patient as an object in order to continually monitor the patient's facial expressions and provide analytic reports in order to comprehend different stages of emotion. This will make it easier for doctors to comprehend the patient's current emotional state. The system will calculate expressions such as smiling, depression, pain, and normal, and then provide a graphical report based on the calculated data. This will aid in the comprehension of user emotional shifts in a variety of applications and sectors.