Implementation of Multiple Protocol Supporting Medical Testing Machine Software Integration

  • Radhika Sawal, Dr. Shubhangi Neware


Laboratory tests help the medical industry to diagnose almost all deaths today. Advanced laboratory testing equipment enables laboratory technicians and doctors to obtain the most accurate results at all times using standard and automatic procedures at all times. Specialists record the result extracted from the scanner and then paste the result into a hospital or laboratory management software to produce a final patient result. This transfer of records from the machine to report the production software process is still in many diseases lab books and clinics. The proposed research work is mainly focused on the evaluation of various diagnostic analysts and communication processes supported by relevant analysts. This research also helps to understand the different media of physical communication and its importance. The system was used to process ASTM protocols and data exchange. Using a systematic parser according to the protocols and rules defined in the appropriate machine system understands and produces the effect required by the reporting software. This method will avoid manual transmission of the software and improve the accuracy of the medical report, which helps to understand the quality of the result and make automatic translation of the result easier.