Development of Pedant ID Card for Contact Tracing of Covid-19 Person using Wireless Sensor Network

  • Renu Nimsadkar, Prof. K. V. Warkar


TheWorld Health Organization has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic and the majority countries across the world have been affected by the virus both socially and economically. Several countries have declared full or partial lockdown; and suggested their people not to leave their homes. During this context, governments are speeding to device or embrace novel surveillance mechanisms and monitoring systems to fight the outbreak. People in close contact with someone who is infected with a corona virus, are at higher risk of becoming infected them, and of probability more infecting others This research topic aims to provide a program for academic researchers and practitioners to present their novel ideas on how emerging wireless communications and sensing technologies can be either adapted or enhanced to quickly overcome current pandemic situation due to COVID-19, or present new promising innovations that enable technologies to better assist in combating future pandemics. In our recent studies we observed that, some researchers are using RF models over wireless sensor network to ingest and analyze contacted device in the given range. We have decided to use same concept in our project also. In proposed system we are aiming to develop such pedant, which based on RF module, work as both transmitter and receiver and contains memory chip to record data in the form of bits within given range. Data can then be applied to helping local communities enact appropriate precautionary measures and accurately measure the risks of leaving businesses open.