Implementation of Machine Learning Approach for Designing an Automated Front-End

  • Kanchan S. Gawande, Prof. K. V. Warkar, Prof. A. D. Gotmare


Starting the design process for a website by constructing detailed mock-ups of various web pages using either visual or manual computerization and then developing the mock-up tools are the first steps. Developers use mock-ups to develop organised HTML or related labelled code, then they move them into HTML. Developers are commonly expected to provide a web page mock-up, which they then translate into actual code. The process typically has to be done several times on numerous additional occasions till the ideal design is produced. Tragically, this operation is laborious and time-consuming. This study introduces a way to automate the code creation from mock-ups, resulting in less time and being significantly cheaper. One or two profound learning techniques are employed to bring the framework to fruition.