Use of Cold Form Section for Low Cost Housing

  • Vaishali Mendhe, Mrunal S. Hatwar


As per ministry of housing, 1.77 million number of peoples don’t have one of basic amenities i.e. house. Basically Cold Formed Steel are Pre-Engineered Building structures which can enhance easy and faster mode of construction which can overcome this concern. These structures are designed using semi rigid connections which makes the system earthquake resistant in addition to the safety, durability, performance and long-term low operational costs for the 50-year design life of a typical low-rise residential house. When a purpose of building is fulfilled or no longer needed it can be disassembled, stored or moved to another place and re-erected since major joints used are bolted connections. The design of section is based on the compressive nature (Flange) of the C-section provided and the model is executed on the ANSYS. This study is made using IS801 and AISI code equations subjected to maximum allowable stress, with effective section properties of C section with different b/t ratios of flange. The model is created and analysis & design part was carried out on STAAD. Pro as well as manually. This study helps to understand the behaviour of cold formed steel sections under compression subjected to loading conditions for different b/t ratios and fulfill the requirement of economical housing scheme.