An Internet Of Things For Data Security In Cloud Using Artificial Intelligence

  • Dr. S Kavitha, Dr. Ashim Bora, Dr Mohd Naved, Dr K Bhavana Raj,Dr. Bhaludra R Nadh Singh


Cloud computing (CC) offers online access to Network Services, in specific data collection and processing capability, with advanced, transparent user management. CC has become a more and more private and public data center set that provides the user with a shared Internet portal. A wide variety of smart devices can form an IoT network to collect and transmit massive data. Separate networks such as data collection, storage, and the handling of large data generate many analysis problems. The huge amount of resources present in the Cloud can be of great advantage to IoT, meanwhile, the cloud can acquire more attention to dynamize and transfer its restrictions with real artifacts. AI technologies are resource challenges that need careful adjustment to fit into a significant proportion of computing resources, especially integrated systems. Recently the Internet of Things (IoT) model has developed into an intelligent building environment application. In every smart IoT setting in the actual world, security and privacy are considered core concerns. IoT-based networks have security issues that generate security risks for smart environments. The strong learning capabilities of AI make the machine more reliable and efficient in identifying malicious attacks. This paper presents a modern architecture that will endorse many instances of IoT-enabled AI smart home use with a specific analysis of security risks, problems, and solutions using the LR algorithm.