Customer Behavior, Emotions and Interest Analysis Using Automatic and Physical Survey

  • Roshni Sahu, Dr. Shubhangi Neware


The current trend in marketing there is no organization that does not use Information Technology (IT) services. With this online banking transaction, the shopping and e-commerce app is reaching the next level. Organization wants to use data analytics and other tools to get the attention and recognition of the user. Such experiences go beyond customer satisfaction and play a key role in determining customer preferences and purchasing decisions. Companies are more focusing on target audiences to save on marketing costs and the right customer access. Every customer is having different views, point of angle and choice. On the basis of survey it is proved that maximum percentage of sale is depending on the right suggestions, reviews or the offers. It is more difficult or challenging task to understand the customer interest or choices to serve them customized online shopping experiences each time. Customer activity such as review, rating, like or dislike according to product this selection corrected automatically using algorithm named as natural language processing. The objective if this paper is to investigate customers’ behavior, emotions and interest using data analytics. The System will run a custom web browser or redistributed web packages that can be installed on an existing e-commerce app to track customer movements and browsing patterns. By applying this method companies will better understand customer and also the system updating on the basis of inputs and data analysis.