College Inquiry Chatbot using Google Dialog Flow

  • Ishan Mandlik, Kuldeep Chotrani, Mohit Garg, Maitreya Darokar, Sajeeda Shikalgar


The chatbots are a utility that help in making human effort minimal. This is done by having the chatbot interact with the users in place of live agents or human employees. Chatbots can be used to answer less-complex queries that the users might have and provide the user a feel of natural interaction. There exist many models to develop a chatbot. Most commonly used are the ones where a set of instructions are loaded in the chatbot and it can therefore only answer the questions it knows the answers to. In the present, another model has emerged where-in the chatbot utilizes the help of Artificial Intelligence to keep on learning and answering questions in a more natural manner. The Artificial module has the capability to understand the structure and words from the given context and generate the most ideal answer/output. For this project we use Dialogflow for our Natural Language Processing (NLP) needs. Using a pre-trained server from Dialogflow helps in processing the text queries and also generate the most ideal answers for them. Our project was made with keeping in mind its use in college websites to help the users get answers to their questions immediately without them having to search for the answers on all the web pages of the website.