An Internet Of Things For Prevention Of Security Attack On Cloud Medical Data Using Artifical Intelligence

  • Dr Hansaraj Shalikram Wankhede, Dr. N.Vasantha Gowri, Bharath M N, Priyanka Sharma


The Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications have been developed in the field of information and innovation in modern times. Since smart devices largely contain detectors, handsets have become a basic requirement in day-to-day living and wireless communication. These involves cloud technology that makes Internet of Things data computation on requested possible. The sensors connected to the external surroundings are able to detect data sources to which they are attached and preserve that information in the cloud. The cloud offers the insights and safety of perceived medical information as a great health system. In order to improve health, security and care for thousands of humans, the Internet of Things is increasingly playing an ever vital role. Rather than travelling to the clinic to get aid, individuals may check their health metrics virtually, constantly and in real time and then be analysed and transferred to their medical data centres, such as private cloud. This paper developed an automated and secured hospital environment design that utilizes the IoT and AI, data safety, confidentiality, effectiveness and system security.