Acceleration Of An Ai Algorithm On Manufacturing Robotic Systems Beyond Common Covid-19 Disease

  • Mr. Prasath R, Dr. K.Bhavana Raj,Dr.Muhammed Basheer ,Dr. Saurabh Singh,


As The Pandemic Quickens The Demand For Artificial Intelligence, Those Estimates Will Most Possibly Justify To Be Understated. As Of Now Massive Tech Has Been Established How Beneficial Ai Would Be In Preventing Covid-19. A Machine, Which Interacts With The Surrounding And An Adequate Sensor Activity Is Known To Be “Robotics”. In Recent Days Powerful Source Of An Artificial Intelligence Perform A Vital Role In The Computer Science. An Ai Is Navigating The Machine Language Through The Comments Of Human Being In Order To Computer Programming. Few Of The Robots Are Mainly Designed To Manipulate To Act Particular Appropriate Assignment.  Present Paper Underlying Machine Learning Algorithm With The Importance Of Robots Vehicle In The Auto Mobile Field Efficient Approximate Perceptible During Pandemic Covid-19 Period. As It Helps To Avoid Direct Contractual With Infected Person Do Not Contaminate With Their Circumference While Making Transportation.