Robotic Technologies and AI Systems for Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Report

  • Ruchi Yadav, Dr. Chandrabhanu Malla, Abhishek Sharma, Mrs. Sulekha,


Robotics is an multidimensional field that meshed with computer science and engineering, The goal of robotics is to help and assist humans.  Today, robotics is used in many disciplines, like technological advances, researching, designing, and building. Robots serve various experimental works, may be in commercial or domestic, or in military. As the coronavirus emergency exploded into a full-blown pandemic in early 2020, wash out many businesses, robot manufacturers found the needful in this situation. Robots does not need masks or sanitiser, to get infected. In many countries robots set out to sow its seed of defence against transmission from one infected person to another. It plays a key role while checking temperature which were equipped with thermal cameras at their head top. Also, they are accoutred with cameras and microphones, can also initiate patient oxygen levels. In this paper we dealt Robotics against Covid 19 in different countries.