Design and Implementation of IoT Based Smart Energy Meter

  • Shubham Thulkar, Rahul Wadhai, Praful Ikhankar, Triveni Tekam, Mrunali Meshram, Prof. Rohan Kokate


Person from electricity board come to take reading of energy meter and handover bills to house owner every month bill is generated based on energy consumption. According to that bill we have to pay charges of consumption. For that person has to go door to door to read readings and handover bills. But sometimes some error occurs in bill like amount of bill is more than consumption, or notification from electric board even though the bills are paid. To mitigate this problem, we have come up with an idea which will diminish the third party between the consumer and service provider, even the errors will be overcome. We also propose to make the system more dynamic and reduction of the electricity wastage. If the consumer is not present in house the electric appliances will automatically go OFF. We propose to implement an android application, which will show the real time bill.