Noise Reduction from Radiographic Images and MRI Images Using Efficient Advanced Filter Technology to Reduce Speckle and Rician Noise

  • Saurabh U. Saoji, Dr. Pradip M. Jawandhiya


In today’s world the images in the medical areas are corrupted by different types of noise. The different noises from the medical images are very difficult task and problematic also to get noise free images which can be accurately observed for the correspondence for removing the noises from the medical images.

In this paper some most well known noise reduction techniques like Median filter and Gaussian filters are used to prepare advance proposed filters which combine values of both median filter and the Gaussian filter which are used to remove the Speckle and Rician noise from the Ultrasound images and MRI images. The quality of images is measured by some statistical quantities like MSE value and PSNR value as well as SSIM value which can show that the proposed filters can remove more noise as compared to old filters to remove both noises Speckle and Rician Noise from medical images. Using this efficient and simple method for noise reduction from medical images is presented.