A Novel Blockchain Model for Securing IoT Based Data Transmission

  • *Rasmeet Kaur, Aleem Ali


Blockchain is a platform that has numerous applications other than cryptocurrency. For example, its deployment on the Internet of Things (IoT)-based networks is still uncertain and calls for more analysis. This is partly due to the restricted limitations of IoT devices and the encrypted data-based nature of the blockchain protocol. IoT can deliver more advantages if the blockchain functionality can be balanced to suit it. As such, all of the existing IoT questions can be overcome. However, the application of IoT blockchain could also face several challenges. The paper aims to afford the perceptions regarding the structure and working of Blockchain, furthermore, the study analyses how this innovation helps in achieving security in IoT. The outcomes illustrate that the blockchain-based IoT framework has an advanced level of security as compare to the IoT framework without blockchain innovation.