Finding an Optimal Route for Multimodal Transportation Using Machine Learning

  • Ms. Charvi Sanjay Suri, Dr. Avinash Agarwal, Mr. Ajit Dharmik



When it comes to travelling in a new city, the most important factors to consider are time, cost, and distance. The aim is to develop an application that will assist a user in getting from point A to point B for the least amount of money and time while avoiding or reducing emissions. Aside from that, the atmosphere and protection are taken into account. Machine learning is used to make this method an optimal solution. Various applications include weather forecasts for the region we are travelling through, but this app displays a dynamic weather forecast for the area. Checking the weather does not need any additional software. Furthermore, this application displays safe zones, those that are less prone to incidents and are successful, so that users can prevent obvious problems. Since traffic plays such an important role in travel, this app also informs you about it.