An Improved Dynamic Neural Network Classifier for Data Integration and Aggregation

  • Vijaya Sreenivas Kancharala, Dr. T. Nalini


In an enormous dataset classification, a higher number of attributes generally develop after some time, where numerous unique learning strategies have been proposed, for example, the ensemble network and gradual neural network. Ordering attractive reverberation spectra is frequently troublesome because of the scourge of dimensionality; situations in which a high-dimensional feature space is combined with a little example size. Maybe than utilizing all info features for every classifier, these various classifiers are given unique, randomly chose, subsets of the phantom features. Ensemble network is a learning worldview where numerous neural networks are mutually used to take care of an issue. The connection between the ensemble and segment of neural networks is investigated from the setting of classification in integrated system. This assignment would uncover that, it very well might be smarter to have numerous neural networks rather the gradual neural network. Results from a set of definite trials utilizing this strategy are painstakingly looked at against classification execution benchmarks. We observationally demonstrate that the accumulated predictions are reliably better than the relating prediction from the best individual classifier