Design of Autonomous Production Using Deep Neural Network for Complex Job‑Shops

  • Dr. Grandhi Suresh Kumar, Dr. Pratik Gite, Dr. M. Prasad, Dr. Madiajagan M., Dr. S. Selvakanmani, Dr. V. Saravanan


Deep Neural Network (DNN) in recent era offers new opportunities to manage the production systems with increasing complexity. In this paper, DNN is trained with discrete event simulation and a process based association to make the job shop an autonomous one. This intelligent system operates well in complex environment with constrained time limits while making optimal decisions. The DNN is henceforth combined with constrained time limits for the process of production control. The system is implemented typically in semiconductor manufacturing industries on complex job shops of a wafer fab case. The DNN is trained in such a way that it operates in complex environment with timing constraints that ships the job in accurate way without flaws in operation. The DNN rewards the selection with reduced time constraint, which tends to operates with most critical batch list. The study therefore shows that the DNN manages well the timing constraints than the standard benchmark technique.