An Efficient Cloud Based Data Protection Technique Using an Improved AES Algorithm

  • Prasanna Balaji Narasingapuram, M. Ponnavaikko


The paper talks about AES based encryption to Encrypt cloud data. This Paper presents a point by point conversation of the proposed cryptographic methodology in cloud and the exhibition measurements for its assessment. The objective of this examination is to build up a security service algorithm that diminish the time intricacy, increment the security level and improves the presentation in different elements. The presentation consequence of this proposed algorithm is broke down by contrasting it and other existing cryptographic algorithms. This examination work centers fundamentally around plan a data security algorithm to diminish the encryption and decoding time in cloud condition. Likewise the security level execution is additionally approved. The data security can be acted in various strategies and this area proposed a data security approach named Storage Data Encryption Method (SDEM) for cloud storage. The SDEM algorithm is a blend of AES and , where the SDEM is a symmetric algorithm and is a lopsided algorithm.