AnInvestigation into Facial Attributes Prominence in Face Recognition: Using Hybrid Method AHP and TOPSIS Approach

  • M. Shanmuganathan, T. Nalini


In this manuscript,  the researcher has  proposed  a method to assess the significance of characteristics in face identification by ensuring  the assessmentof each criterion  which is  calculated using pairwise comparisons based on decision-making using AHP – (Analytical Hierarchy Process) from which  weights can be accessed in orderto prioritize criteria  using those weights which are incorporated  into the TOPSIS (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution method) so that  options can be prioritized.  The process of selecting the alternative and the drawback of an algorithm(AHP,TOPSIS) are demonstrated with the help of numerical computations. TOPSIS, one of the (Multi-Criteria Decision-Making) MCDM methods, which was originally developed by Hwang  et al., in 1981with further developments by Yoon in 1987 and Hwang, Lai , Liu in 1993.  It is a target based approach for finding the alternative that is closest to the optimal solution. Using this method, alternatives are graded based on optimal solution or alternative similarity. Optimal solution is a solution that is the best or idealand tries to approximate it. Basically, for measuring the similarity of an alternative to optimal level and non-optimal, we consider distance of the alternative from optimal and non-optimal solutions.  This manuscript explains the usefulness of TOPSIS in decision-making, quantification of data, solving real worldcomplications, besides touching upon ins and outs of TOPSIS.