Patent Document summarization Through Discriminative Sentence Selection Method (DSSM)

  • Avinash Thakur, V.Hepsiba Mabel


Patent documents are one of the essential & scholarly properties for ensuring the interests of people, associations & organizations. It is different as compared to other web documents, as it includes much-defined contents like Abstract, Announcement, Brief description about invention, & Drawings. They are long & rich in specialized terms, which require tremendous human efforts for investigation. There is a field which is less explored, called patent mining, that got developed as of late, which includes planning to help patent stakeholders in examining, handling & breaking down patent archives. Despite current development in patent mining, it is still far away from being taken up as part of the all-around exploration. To enable patent experts & Patent researchers to get a significant picture of patent mining, we give a precise rundown of existing exploration efforts along with clear understanding. In this paper, we focused on the whole process and flow of patent summarization. We, at that point, explore numerous examination questions identified with patent archives, including patent retrieval, patent domain classification, & patent summarization view, & give rundowns & features to each inquiry by digging into comparing research efforts.