Optimization and Segmentation of Image Quality and their Parameters with Respect to its Improvements

  • Kande Sharad Sandesh, Dr. Rahul Mishra


The segmentation of images is a preliminary and important phase in the segmental image processing. The correct assessment means that picture classification utilizes the strongest effects of segmentation. Segmenting pictures is an important method which plays an essential function in computer vision and image processing. Picture segmentation consists of partitions and extraction of valuable details from complicated images from the input image into component sections. Optimization of Ant colonies (ACO) is an algorithm of cooperation in quest motivated by actual ants' actions. Global optimization algorithm is used to solve image segmentation problems to achieve an ACO accepted result. Thus, image segmentation can be carried out more accurately by the use of traditional optimization algorithms by detecting disease in medical pictures. In order to diagnose the tumor using brain picture segmentation methods, the suggested procedure was successfully employed. The suggested segmentation methods have been shown to be adequate through experimental findings.