Smart City Architecture for Location Based Services in Digital India

  • Mr. Pradip Patil ,Dr. Rupa Hiremath


The present age is the time of intelligent things, which is why; Over time, people have become as smart as cell phones and similarly, cities are also smarter, we call them smart city. By building such cities in India, the Honorable Prime Minister of India has decided to make India a ‘Smart India’. To achieve this amazing goal of 'Smart India', there is a great need to start with the development of smart cities because the country's economy will grow exponentially with cities and everyone knows that India is a developing country and the Indian Market is the largest market.

A smart city is an efficient urban activity, where residents pay more attention, and are more amalgamated towards the city life, due to a clever urban information system. In this paper, we are working on an intelligent app that finds and transmits to the user the relevant details of his location. This case app enables us to chew over the obstacles involved in building A Location-aware Mobile Service based on contemporary intelligence from the city's IT fundament.